ME Productions

We specialize in creating high quality music videos for artists across the Middle East.

Music Video

ME TV Lebanon is amongst Beirut’s leading music video production companies, serving every
genre of the music industry with our experience and background in audio and video production. Music is and will always be a passion we share with all our clients in the music business.


We create original music artists, TV, film and web providing insight and experience that goes beyond simple execution, bringing our clients’ music that elevates their vision and truly resonates.

Concerts/Live Events

Our videographers are able to work well under time constraints to capture the right footage at the right moments, necessary to document your event.

TV Commercials

Coming from our team of talented and creative art directors, producers, directors, and videographers we work into turning your request into bright ideas and breathtaking images.


Producing outstanding location photo session, studio photography, stills photography, model shooting corporate photography. We have exceptional photography talent.


2152 square feet studio space.
45 x 45 x 45 squsre feet green chromatic screen including catering, green room, and makeup room.